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Here is what we provide

  1. Ohio Concealed Carry Weapons Training
  2. Practice range
  3. Qualified Instructors
  4. We also can provide renewal training


Please call to verify dates and times for classes 

   (614) 402-8129  Ron Winn


Our instructor


Tim Bostic is our instructor
click  on his picture to learn
about hi






If you would like to see pictures of our range and our class room facilities then click here



Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide to the qualified citizens the ability to
handle, fire and master the use of a handgun firearms.
We also want our students to have the knowledge of if and when the firearm
is to be used and how to comply with all State regulations.

We will provide training by qualified instructors and assist with all
aspects of these challenges.

We also have a Private range for target practice and can
provide private lessons upon request.